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Ketchikan FishWe provide each group of two fishermen a fully equipped, 14-foot Livingston boat with a 15 horse power outboard motor. The lodge’s standardized rigging is a 6’6” combination rod with a Penn 209 level wind reel. Experienced fishermen that prefer to use lighter tackle may wish to bring their own gear.

Upon returning to the lodge after a full day of fishing, our experienced staff will be on hand to fillet, vacuum pack, and freeze your catch for the flight home. We provide dry, clean, heated cabins with hot showers and all the necessary linen and bedding. Laundry facilities are available as well. If you want to return to civilization, you can take in an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing just 20 miles away in the heart of Ketchikan.

Ketchikan Fishing Guides

Alaska Fish Species

Alaska King Salmon
AKA Chinook
Average size: 25-50 lbs.
Trophy size: 60 lbs.
Availability: June through Mid July.

Alaska's state fish is an icon of the north - a big fish for a big state. For many, battling the King Salmon is the ultimate fishing experience. Landing a king is all anyone could ask for to complete the vacation of a lifetime!

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Alaska Silver Salmon
AKA Coho
Average size: 12-15 lbs.
Trophy size: 18 lbs.
Availability: Mid August through September.

The many rivers and streams found in this area support numerous Silver Salmon runs which return in vast numbers during July, August and September. With a reputation for aggressive feeding, acrobatic displays, and spectacular fighting, Silver Salmon are one of Alaska's most highly prized (and delicious) sport fish. The Silver Salmon is similar to the Chinook, but is smaller, has white gums (the Chinook has black gums) and has less spotting on the tail.

Ketchikan Fish Guides

Alaska Pink Salmon
AKA Humpback or Humpy
Average size: 4-7 lbs.
Trophy size: 10 lbs.
Availability: MId July through September.

These beautiful fish are the smallest of the Pacific Salmon. By the time males enter spawning streams, they have developed the characteristic humpback and hooked jaw.

Alaska Fishing Guides

Alaska Halibut

Average size: 25-100 lbs.
Trophy size: 100 lbs.
Availability: All Summer.

Pacific Halibut are the largest of all flat fishes. After spawning, halibut begin to migrate to shallower coastal summer feeding areas. Most sport caught halibut are 8 - 15 years old. The fishing for this tasty bottom fish is great throughout the summer.

Bottom Fish

If the Salmon fishing isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, spectacular fishing for  Red Snapper, Ling Cod,  Rockfish, and other bottom fish is available all summer long!

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