Silverking Lodge -An Alaskan Fishing Lodge Tradition

Southeast Alaska's longest operating self-guided Alaskan fishing lodge

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Welcome to Silverking Lodge, located on Grant Island, 20 miles northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska. Silverking Lodge is known worldwide as one of the premier Alaska Fishing Lodges. Our all-inclusive fishing lodge is located in Southeast Alaska, some of the most fertile salmon spawning grounds in the entire state.

The fishing grounds here are unlike any other in the world. We have been offering self-guided fishing packages for anglers of all experience levels for more than 25 years. During those years manager Kirk Thomas and his team have been helping people realize their dream of visiting the Last Frontier, resting and relaxing with family and friends, and searching out some of the most magnificent fish Alaska has to offer – King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, Halibut, and Rock Fish.

Silverking Lodge's proximity to Ketchikan makes it one of the easiest all-inclusive remote fishing lodges in Alaska to get to. Following the short 90-minute Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Ketchikan, you'll board an Alaskan bush plane for a 15-minute flight to Grant Island and Silverking Lodge. We provide our guests a short orientation that details the area, salmon and bottom fishing techniques and equipment, boat operation, and safety before pointing you out on your adventure. Although hard to believe, you can find yourself fishing just hours after leaving your driveway!

Alaska Fishing LodgesThere are a number of Alaska fishing lodges, but the Silverking Lodge is longest operating self-guided Alaskan fishing lodge in all of Southeast Alaska. The waters in front of the lodge provide a natural corridor for salmon returning to local rivers to spawn. Silver salmon, particularly, move in large numbers through the area every summer as they return to several natural spawning grounds and a local hatchery. Silvers (or Coho Salmon) can weigh up to 20 lbs. They are known for putting up a ferocious fight that includes spectacular acrobatic displays on the surface. When the Coho are not at their peak, you can vie for the prized Chinook Salmon (June through mid-July), the Pink Salmon (July through August), Chum Salmon (late June through early August), or Sockeye Salmon (available in certain freshwater river systems during July). Halibut and rockfish species are also available June through September around the lodge. Check out our fish availability chart to help plan your next fishing expedition.

When you're fished out (if there is such a thing!), there are still plenty of things to do in Ketchikan to keep you busy. Here at the Silverking Lodge you are sure to enjoy a leisurely stroll down the 900' rainforest boardwalk. This pristine nature walk will put you in front of the largest known cedar tree in the Tongass National Forest. If you want to stretch your legs even further, the Naha River trail system (a 20-minute boat ride from the lodge) boasts a 9-mile Forest Service trail that will have you forgetting all about the stress you left back home as you wander through thousands of years worth of growth, viewing the flora and fauna of the temperate rainforest, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for local wildlife. If you're looking for an exciting day excursion, plan a trip to Ketchikan where you can take in the local shops, sightseeing opportunities, or join one of many available organized tours. No matter what your interests are, there is sure to be something exciting for you in Ketchikan.

Silverking's all-inclusive fishing packages begin on Monday, with you arriving at approximately noon. You'll fish all week and depart the lodge Sunday morning at 6:00 AM, allowing you to catch the first flight out of Ketchikan on Sunday morning and arrive home that same day. Self-guided fishing packages include air transfer between the Ketchikan airport and the lodge, nightly accommodations, meals, boat rental, fishing tackle, bait, fuel, and fish processing.

Planning Your Return Trip

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We're certain that your first trip won't be your last – in fact, many of our customers are now considered some of our closest friends. That's not too hard to believe when you consider some of Silverking's guests have been coming every year since 1985 when Silverking Lodge opened its doors. Not only do we consider this an honor, but a responsibility. It is why we continue to improve our facility, our service and the experience so that our guests continue to anticipate each and every trip they spend with us the same way they anticipated their first trip. We are excited to host you on your next self-guided Alaska fishing vacation. We look forward to having the chance to show you all of the reasons Silverking Lodge is the perfect place to spend your Alaska fishing vacation!





The World Fishing Network put their spotlight on Silverking Lodge this summer,
filming an episode of "Hookin' Up with Mariko Izumi" at the resort.

Tune in to WFN on November 7th to get up close and personal with Mariko at Silverking Lodge.

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Silverking Lodge located at
P.O. Box 8331Ketchikan, Alaska. 99901
Phone: 800-813-4363